My vision - I believe that every person can reach their full potential and live a life of meaning and influence, despite their past, background, circumstances or age.

My passion - To help people come to know and understand who they are and in this take control of their lives and reach a new type of freedom they deserve.

My mission - Creating self-awareness in people to discover their original God intended blueprint, build their confidence in who they are and in the process help them to live a meaningful and influential life as unique individuals.

My life’s intention - Live a life of excellence that will bring honour and glory to God, Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit. I do this by being true to myself, being confident with who I am, being authentic and show integrity and compassion towards every person I have the privilege to meet / influence.


I guide people towards self-discovery, setting goals and utilising their own resources to achieve their goals.  I also support and motivate them on their road to achieving their goals, moving forward in life and becoming the best they can be.


Self-discovery - During the self-discovery workshop I assist people to identify their unique make-up / building blocks according to their original blueprint.

Workshop topics

  • The brain

  • Temperaments

  • Communication style

  • Conflict handling style

  • Love Languages

  • Discovering strengths and weaknesses

Self-understanding - During the self-understanding workshop people will gain a holistic understanding of why they think, feel and act in a certain manner.

Workshop topics

  • Society - opinions and expectations

  • Family and friends - opinions and expectations

  • Things learned

  • Life experiences

  • Perceptions

Self-development - During the self-development workshop I assist people to identify their weaknesses and strengths and develop skills and techniques to better themselves.

Workshop topics

  • Assertive communication

  • Congruent conflict handling

  • Capturing your thoughts

  • Dealing with your emotions

  • Decision Making / Problem Solving

  • Goal Setting / Prioritising

  • Dealing with loss and disappointment

  • Developing resilience

  • Maximising strengths and minimising weaknesses

Self-esteem - After completing the workshop people will be able to apply themselves with confidence in life so that thy will have a meaningful and influential life.

Workshop topics

  • Live in the here and now

  • Healthy boundaries

  • Realising you are unique

  • Leaving a legacy


Freedom comes from knowing and understanding yourself - ‘WHO AM I’ is perhaps the most common question in modern day society. We lose ourselves to all the voices around us, brining about our imprisonment to the opinions of the people in our live and our life experiences.

Within the pages of this book are practical steps and discussions, which will help yo to discover who you truly are. The real you, according to your original blueprint and not merely who society and other external factors formed you to be.

In addition, this book is different and unique as I share my true-life experiences and lessons learned with you, the reader, as there is no better handbook to life than life itself.

Join this amazing journey to FREEDOM, your FREEDOM, which comes from KNOWING and UNDERSTANDING yourself.

You can order this amazing book from me at info@belindapieterse.com or as an e-book on Amazon.com.