My vision/ passion

Creating self-awareness in people to discover their original God intended blueprint and in the process building their confidence in who they are and ability to live a meaningful life as unique individuals.

My values

Be true to myself, be confident with who I am, be authentic and show integrity and compassion towards every person I have the privilege to meet/ influence.

Short autobiography

I finished my BA Degree (Psychology/ Sociology) in 2012.  I also did various counselling courses and I have 10 years’ experience as caregiver and coach to victims suffering from severe trauma and abuse.  However, after my divorce in 2015, I realized that I still was not sure who I am.  I went on my own “WHO AM I” journey to discover my true self and now I have a passion to share this liberating journey with the world. 


Personal Testimony

Being a wife, mom, businesswoman, leader, student, volunteer, supervisor, trainer and coach, there was little if any time to focus on myself.  I lost myself in the different roles believing that I know exactly who I am and what the future holds.  I allowed all the different roles to define me and give meaning to my life.

However, after my divorce I lost my business, had to stop my studies, and was removed from the leadership in the company where I served as volunteer, trainer, coach and supervisor.  I had to face the fact that after a lifetime of 42 years and all my training I still did not know who I am.  It felt as if I was drowning in a whirlpool of despair with little hope to be freed from the daunting realization that I was a nobody. 

Luckily, my friends and children did not share in the believe that I was a nobody.  They encouraged me to rediscover my original blueprint, rebuilding my worth and self-esteem one-step at a time.

Today I can honestly say that I truly know who I am, without any role or organization defining my purpose and giving me worth.  I discovered that I am the foundation from which I can reach out and influence the world.  This was genuinely a liberating realization.  And, although the journey was not without challenges and pain, I will always be thankful for the forceful push life gave me to start off on this amazing journey of self-discovery.

Now I want to share this liberating journey with the world.  I want to encourage each one of you to invest the time to engage on this beneficial voyage. Do not make the same mistakes I did.  Invest time in yourself now – you are worth it.