Ordinary people; that is how we see ourselves.  And thus we belief that we are restricted to ordinary lives. Waking up at 6:00 am, going to work, returning home, attending to the children and household chores. Doing what needs to be done to get through the day without too much hustle.  This is how the majority of people on planet earth see their lives. Just plain, ordinary, everyday lives… With no real adventure, not even to mention the hope of a meaningful life…

But let me tell you a story about ordinary people who made my life extraordinary, without them even realizing it.

When I was separated from my x-husband, my children and I had nowhere to go and although none of us dared to utter those words, we did not have much hope for the left for the future. Stranded without a home and finances our prospects looked bleak and emotionally we barely managed to hold on to our sanity. Torn from the inside out, with our hearts broken and vulnerable to such an extent that I believed there was no hope left or any chance for repair.

However, ordinary people stepped in and without them knowing they gave us hope and they tended to our wounds, slowly healing our broken hearts and bringing us back to a point of restoration.

How you may ask?  By doing the seemingly simple, ordinary, “worthless” things such as giving a room to stay in, placing a hand on your shoulder, sending a text message just asking how you are doing, taking you for coffee, washing your car, bringing you your favourite chocolate, etc., etc., etc...  The list is never ending.

But what these ordinary people did not recognise was that with each seemingly simple, ordinary, “worthless” action they succeeded to restore a little bit of hope and faith in our hearts.  And even more importantly they rebuilt our view of ourselves; we were worthy to be cared for, we were worthy to be noticed, we were worthy to be treated like human beings, we were worthy…

Never did a “but why” or “how could you” past the border of their lips. Not once did we feel judged, our actions questioned or condemned, not once. The only thing these ordinary people showed was acceptance, compassion, concern and love. They showed it in their ordinary ways during their ordinary day to day lives. But it meant the world to us and was the vessel which carried us through the storms and tribulations.

And with this first blog which I am writing, I want to bring tribute to all the ordinary people who, with their ordinary actions built a vessel for my children and me to carry us safely to the shore of restoration and healing.  I believe that each one of you know who you are and I trust that you will see the value you spread where ever your footsteps fall.

And to the rest of you who are reading this blog, I want to encourage you to keep on doing your seemingly simple, ordinary, “worthless” deeds. You might never know the impact it has on the people around you, but be sure they will know…

Do not underestimate the meaning and value your seemingly simple, ordinary and “worthless” actions have. Nothing can compare to the effect it has and no money can replace the significance it can bring to the lives of the broken hearted.

Not all of us can be motivational speakers, standing on the stage using it as the platform from which we transform the lives of people.  But I believe that every single person is a platform in his/her own way, touching the lives of those we encounter on a daily basis. 

Furthermore I believe that the ordinary people, with kind, loving and compassionate hearts are often the backbone of society.  Bringing hope for a brighter and better future to those around them.  I know the ordinary people in the lives of my children and in my life did just that.  They brought hope when all hope was lost. They shined like beacons on the stormy sea which guided us through the thunder and rain, bringing us a glimpse of hope on the horizon.

Thank you to our beacons of hope... Thank you that you touched our broken hearts with your seemingly simple, ordinary, “worthless” deeds.  Thank you that you are ordinary people filled with love and compassion.  Thank you for just being you…

Everything we do leaves an impression and will touch the heart of those around us.  Be sure that the impression is positive and that your touch will also bring worth and healing to a world so desperately in need of hope…

In conclusion, the seemingly simple, ordinary, “worthless” deeds, coming from the loving and compassionate hearts of ordinary people, has the ability to bring significant value and meaning to those around them and ultimately transforming an ordinary life into a life of significance.

Belinda Pieterse