My daughter, Aninda, wrote the following blog piece.  I want to share it with you as it brings yet another view on the blog: “Be Real” posted last week.

Here is the blog piece Aninda wrote.

“People say that you should live in the moment.  That “Yolo” is of principle.  But no, I disagree.  Not about living in the moment but rather the concept of “Yolo”. 

It’s true we only do live once.  But people are truly so hung up on this fact of making every moment great, every moment spectacular.  Not ever having a bad day, or a chance to cry because they’re so influenced by “Yolo”, that the importance of each moment become distorted with “only living the good life”.

I stand in disagreement to this. 

I do not believe that we should live each moment for the good in it.  I believe that every moment whether good or bad is what shapes us.

It’s not only the times in our life that we are awestruck with the beauty of life that creates us.  It’s rather the times our tears seems like a never ending river.  It’s when there is no sound coming out of your breaking heart as you lie lifeless and shattered against the cold floor of life.

It’s in these moments that our hearts roar and that every part of who we will become is making a deafening sound.

It’s in these moments that our courage of life is built, the moments of brokenness. 

Where fear is our ally and where strength is our clothes that hides our brokenness, yet that gives us power to face the next day.

I do not believe that our hope lies in our defeat. 

It’s there where choices of freedom and of courage is made to stand up.  Because we are not just our triumph and our greatness, we are every shaking part of ourselves.

And we are broken and we are lost.  And that is why every moment changes us and shapes us.  And creates the future that this world needs to rise up in our battle to roar above the greatness.”

Aninda Pieterse